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Sandeep Tiwari – An Entrepreneur

Sandeep Tiwari was born in the magical city of Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, in 1992. At a very tender age, his family members and acquaintances saw something unique in the young boy. Curious by birth, Sandeep would often spend hours pondering on theories and planning for working on innovating. His parents could see the brightness in his eyes and supported him in every of his venture. Support from parents is the first step of success for the majority of entrepreneurs, and Sandeep was among the lucky ones who received endless support from his parents. As he grew up, he would come up with a lot of business ideas and ventures and has always been keen on implementation. He started tasting success from a few of his initial ventures and then never looked back. Entrepreneurship is fueled by imagination, and imagination is best developed at a young age.

Years went by, and Sandeep kept on observing changes in the world and helping people solve critical business problems. He implemented various ideas in native businesses and grew them professionally, but it was in 2014 that he found his true calling. Some years before 2014, Sandeep was introduced to the online world of digital marketing. It amazed him at the first go, and his creative mind forced him to binge-watch videos and read everything he could find about the Industry. He would spend hours researching and implementing digital strategies and helped various brands overcome digital struggles and succeed. Digital marketing was the first love of Sandeep Tiwari, and he soon became an expert in all the different divisions of this Industry.

Finally, in the year 2014, Sandeep began his first online business, which laid the seed for Digisun IT Network Pvt. Ltd. After the incorporation of his company, there was no looking back, and Sandeep turned into a serial Entrepreneur by acquiring clientele from all over the globe. He would challenge all the existing systems in digital marketing and would break into difficult markets using his creative marketing techniques. The results that the companies were getting soon spread the word, and Sandeep started receiving a lot of references from happy customers. Talking specifically, he ran social media campaigns for various companies and grew their brand presence online. After gaining a lot of knowledge in SEO, he ranked a lot of websites for his customers on leading keywords in various industries. Paid ads fascinated him, and he made all the efforts that made him an expert in the field.

His online journey gave him the success and opportunity to drop from his MBA degree and pursue his real calling on business. He realized in his early years that practically opening a company and facing problems in the real world will give him the learnings which he was expecting from his MBA. After all these successful years, on 10th September 2019, Digisun was born. Digisun IT network Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated with Sandeep Tiwari and Ajay Awasthi as directors. Mastering digital marketing and other fragments of the IT industry helped him form a full-fledged IT company. Digisun started with a global vision and under the guidance of serial entrepreneurs like Sandeep.

With the recent scope in online gaming, Sandeep also founded the Contest11 fantasy sports game. Well, I can be sure of one thing, that an entrepreneur is always looking for new ideas, and in my opinion, Sandeep will continue to innovate all his life. Contest11 is a very unique and engaging concept game, which interconnects various players on a single platform. Every player in this game is assembled on a platform, and statistical analysis is used to allot score to them. There are various creative aspects of the game and is one of the dearest projects of Sandeep. The concept of fantasy games is growing day by day, and a lot of big industry players will be focusing more on this segment.

With endless opportunities and a strong team at hand, Sandeep is optimistic about the future. Currently, he is working day and night to grow Digisun and bring it among the leading companies in India. A lot of new projects and announcements are awaited from his side shortly. You can follow him on various social media channels to stay updated with his new ventures and projects. The society needs a lot of role models like Sandeep, and I hope ventures like these will encourage people to follow their heart and contribute to the world!